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Our Mission...

Is to network, collaborate, and promote support efforts, training, awareness, respect, and service for individuals and families with autism.


Join Us for the 4th Annual Autism Blast!!!

Giving Away Copies of Tic Toc Autism Clock: A Guide to your 24/7 Parent Plan By Elizabeth Obrey and Dr. Linda Barboa At the Autism Info Bast!!! Copies will be limited!!

What does it  mean to be  "Autism Friendly??"

Welcome to Stars 4Autism

Elizabeth Obrey, Vice President, Author of a tremendous book called Tic Toc, Autism Clock. This  book contains resources that help support parents.   learn more

Our Team

Jan Luck, President, Author of the Amazon best selling children's book series, Albert, who helps kids better understand Autism. learn more

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Support Individuals/Families

 Stars is here to support the autism community by building awareness through education and service        read more


  • Universities
  • Community Colleges
  • Businesses
  • Churches
  • Childcare  Centers 
  • Schools


Stars 4Autism Authors have written  relevant books  to several areas pertaining to autism. Children's books, Aut play therapy, and more